janetteA Letter from the President

Our name, Intellegis, is a Latin word meaning understanding. We have a caring team of specialized professionals with 25 years of combined experience in the Brain Injury community. We are unique because we strive to understand our resident’s individual needs, and then work with our clinical team to develop a care plan in conjunction with the resident and family member or guardian. The care plan will then be given to our specially trained Life Care Specialists to be implemented with the resident. Life Care Specialists are specifically trained to treat individuals with brain injuries by being certified CNA and Brain Injury Certified Specialists through the Brian Injury Association of America (BIAA).
Intellegis was founded for the TBI population of Utah. We came together to address the unique need for specialized services for people with Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries. We respect the fact that persons with a Brain Injury have an enriching life ahead of them, though different from their pre-injury life. We are committed to providing our residents the opportunity to function in daily accord with cognitive, social, physical, spiritual, and community goals to enhance their long and successful journey. Please come see us!
— Janette Thompson



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