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Message from the Marketing Director

A message from the Marketing Director, Gina Lee…

Hello Intellegis visitor! We are so excited for 2012! We can’t wait to welcome new residents into our facility, and be a strength to you- a member of the brain injury community! As we get started this year we ask for a bit of patience with our office hours- we are here 5 days a week, but have limited hours until we get the facility up and running. You can always leave a message- we check them Monday thru Friday!

Please join us on the first Thursday of every month for a Brain Injury Support Group activity! We’ll be meeting at 6:30 for social activities. Future events include making cookies, bowling, a game night, dancing, exercise basics, a drawing class, and more. We look forward to seeing you there! As always, bring ideas of activities you’d like to participate in- we would love for you to share your talents! And remember- our activities are free! Soon we will also be adding a caregiver aspect to our support group activities.

We can’t wait to see you again, or to meet you! Call me with any questions, and happy 2012!
-Gina Lee

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